Let me introduce you to


the unique place where people meet through cooking and eating together

Why join Gather

as a Host?

As a host you have the possibility to host people in your kitchen and teach them something about your favorite childhood food, your midnight cravings or even your go-to sandwich. And no, you don't have to be a trained chef to host.

or attend

as a Guest?

You want to meet new people through cooking together or up your cooking game? Gather is the right thing for you, no matter what your reason behind looks like. I promise I won't tell anyone if you suck at cooking.

or not do any of that and

become a Sponsor instead?

As a sponsor, you help funding unforgettable moments with delightful homemade meals while promoting your brand.

About me

Hi, I'm Meret

I am a communication and business administration student at the University of Zurich. Apart from studying I am also a passionate flight attendant. When I'm not doing either one of those things you often find me in the kitchen, cooking. Surprising, huh? No seriously though, cooking for or with others is what I love the most.With this project I want to bring people together at the dinner table, providing delicious food and great company!